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Learn why Wealth Advisors Trust Company has been voted the #1 partner for financial advisors in South Dakota.

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We work with you instead of against you. We're custodian neutral. Your AUM matters.

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You're in control. We give advice. When you ask, we help you solve problems.

Trust Transfer

You guide the client. We handle the paperwork. Everyone is happy.


Why South Dakota?

South Dakota is frequently voted the #1 best state for a trust. It's also friendly to financial advisors, particularly those looking for trustees who can help them grow their AUM.


Believing that beneficiaries and advisors should have the power to choose their own financial solutions.


Anticipating the trustee needs and wants of beneficiaries and advisors, for today and tomorrow.


Working together to find solutions efficiently and simply; this revolutionizes the Advisor and client relationship.

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