The only trust company created just for Advisors and their clients.

The only trust company created just for Advisors and their clients.

Wealth Advisor Trust was founded in 2009 with the goal to be the Adviser Friendly Trust Company.   

There is a bit more to the story.

In 2008 several of the co-founders had negative experiences with traditional trust companies (e.g., slow responses, uncreative problem solving, disorganization, lack of challenging the status quo) mostly around distributions, tax returns, and onboarding.

We came together as a group again (all of us worked at Ernst & Young together, well except one of us, the smart one, the former life insurance actuary) to start something fresh. Why don't we build a trust company from the ground up that challenges this 700-year-old trustee industry. Let's think differently about client problems and processes. 

Let's have fun disrupting this stodgy industry. 

We were voted Best New Financial Product in 2015 by PAM Awards and continue to be a leading trust company based in South Dakota.

We believe in challenging the status quo of the corporate trust company industry. We think differently. We believe beneficiaries and advisors should have the power to choose their own financial solutions.

We challenge traditional rigid trust company walls and create a system of checks and balances, giving families a voice in the administration of their financial affairs. Our trust services are efficient, non-interruptive and designed to support the advisor, not undermine them.

Our employees, the heart and soul, make our vision a reality. They embrace our four core values (i.e., growth-oriented, open/honest/vulnerable, adaptive to change, & can-do attitude). These are not cheap taglines. They are the essence of Wealth Advisors Trust Company. These core values are hard to live by every day. We support each other when we stumble because we all stumble. Yet each of us strives to learn, grow, and give clients a trustee service experience better than the day before. 

As the corporate trustee, our only focus is trust administration. We are the Adviser Friendly Trust Company. Why don’t we work together?