First Phone Call

Advisor outlines current trustee problem and sends trust document.


First 48 Hours After

Advisor called back with solution to client's trustee problem.


Next 48 Hours

Trust Officer provides documents to Former Trustee and current beneficiary(s) for signature(s)


The Transition

Wealth Advisors Trust Company waits on Former Trustee resignation.


Final Steps

Trust Officer introduced to Advisor and new trust account created.


New Beginnings

Clients have a trust answer based on solutions, freedom and ease of use.


The process of transferring a trust to a new trustee can be effi­ciently done. This requires all parties providing the required information in a timely manner. Providing the trust document to the trust company provides the road map of how a corporate trustee and trust location (e.g. situs) can be changed.


The Trust Committee reviews the trust document, Beneficiary details and history, and statement of assets to approve the trust.

New Beginnings

Advisors manage money and services the client while WATC answers questions/ finds solutions for distribution request while performing other accounting and administrative trust work.

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