1. What is a trust?

Trusts are separate legal entities, like a partnership or company. They were created by you, friend, parent or even a grandparent. It holds assets for the benefit of you or others. The trust spells out how the assets are managed and how the money should be distributed.

2. What are the common types of trusts?

Living trusts, charitable trusts, irrevocable trusts, life insurance trusts, dynastic trusts, asset protection trusts are some examples.

3. What goes into a trust?

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, partnerships, real estate, private company stock, life insurance, art, collectibles are some examples.

4. What can trust do?

Whew! That is a long list. Some reasons are manage your estate tax exposure, make a tax-advantaged charitable gift, protect assets from a creditor or ex-spouse, allow for your assets to be managed and distributed the way you want when you pass away and so much more

5. As a Financial Advisor do I need to be concerned that you will bring the investments in-house at some point.

No. Never. We created this trust company for advisors to use for their clients.

6. Do you work with most custodial platforms?

Most of them. We are custodian neutral.

7. Do you charge anything to look over trust documents?

As a courtesy to future clients, we review trust documents free of charge.  Our trustee fee begins when acting as the trustee.  

8. If I name you now as a future trustee, do you charge anything until you become active trustee?


9. How flexible is your fee schedule?

Very. We have separate pricing for Directed and Delegated Trusts. We also charge separately for holding partnership interests.

10. Is it easy to transfer trustees? Or How difficult is it to transfer trustees?

Pretty darn easy. We do all the work for you.