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At Wealth Advisors Trust Co., we focus on trust administration for personal trusts. We understand the complexities and stress that is involved with selecting a Trustee, (See our blog “How to Choose A Trustee In Four Easy Steps.” ) and have years of industry experience to put you at ease. Our trustee fee schedule is reasonable, natural and easy to understand. We even eat our own cooking as these cobbler's kids have great shoes.

We offer innovative and collaborative trustee services such as Agency Trustee, Administrative Corporate Trustee (Delegated Trusts and Directed Trusts), Special Needs Trusts and Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust services to clients across the country. Our trustee fee schedule and trustee services rest on transparency and efficiency which means no hidden fees and no funny business. Our trustee fee schedule is reasonable. We are not the cheapest nor the most expensive when it comes to our trustee fee schedule but believe our services and fees are based on real value and our customers agree. (Read Testimonials Here)

Before you jump into comparing and studying our trustee fee schedule against our competitors may we make a suggestion. Take the next 90 seconds to read the history of trustee fee schedules so you can have the information and knowledge to make the wisest choice for your situation. The trustee industry generally glosses over the following historical information.

A trustee fee schedule is set at the executive level with input from the Trustee Committee and potentially the Risk Management group and Chief Financial Officer. The Risk Management group would get involved around allocating certain risk factors for specific trust situations. The Chief Financial Officer would balance the overall trustee fee schedule against the bank or trust companies cost of funds for finding a reasonable net profit margin for expenses and revenues. Historically, trustee fees were based on an hourly rate plus a percentage rate multiplied against the trust assets. The fundamental focus on trustee fee schedules was control, risk and time. Trustees are freakishly worried about control and risk. They have the most to lose as the highest fiduciary reasonable for everything. I mean everything. Historically, time was not a huge worry for creating trustee fees as management believed the trustee fees will smooth out any large increase in time allocated to trust administration.

Currently, traditional and independent trust companies trustee fee schedule rests on hourly, fixed fees, termination fees, nickel and diming fees and a percentage rate multiplied against the trust assets. You the customer have no idea exactly how they arrive at those numbers or remember all the rules when those trustee fee schedules apply. Wealth Advisors Trust Co. trustee fee schedule rests on hourly, fixed and percentage of assets. Two years (circa 2017) we asked ourselves how to calculate trustee fee schedules with more precision based on our risk and time only. Control is non-issue. One of our co-founders is a former insurance actuary (e.g. really really smart guy in Math). Collectively, our trustee fee schedule now rests on 7 Factors for Directed Trusts and Delegated Trusts based on risk and time which we share with clients. Now everyone knows how we calculate our trustee fees. We even wrote a blog on how to negotiate lower trustee fees

Below are our trustee fee schedules or you can press the button to start the fee quote process. Talk soon!

Corporate Trustee Fees
  • Starts at 0.35%
  • Minimum annual fee - $5,000
  • Fee range from 0.10% to 0.60%
  • Based on 7 Factor Pricing Model

SmartIRA one-time set-up fee $250 per IRA account with no trustee fees until SmartIRA funded. Trustee fees are based on risk and time broken into 7 factors. They are: 1) Directed or Delegated trust; 2) No. of beneficiaries; 3) No. of annual distributions; 4) No. of trusts; 5) Size of the trust; 6) Custodian; and 7) Type of assets. All trusts have a onetime set-up fee of $750.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Fees
  • Annual Administrative Fee - $1,500
  • Each additional policy annual fee (same grantor) - $500
  • One time set-up fee - $750
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ILIT services includes Crummey letter preparation and filing along with coordination of premium payments. After collection of insurance proceeds, applicable trust fee schedule applies.

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