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At Wealth Advisors Trust Co., based on South Dakota trust law, we focus on trust administration for personal trusts. We understand the complexities and stress that is involved with selecting a Trustee, (See our blog “How to Choose A Trustee In Four Easy Steps.” ) and have years of industry experience to put you at ease. Our trustee fee schedule is reasonable, natural and easy to understand. 

We offer innovative and collaborative trustee services such as Agency Trustee, Administrative Corporate Trustee (Delegated Trusts and Directed Trusts), and Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust services to clients across the country. Our trustee fee schedule and trustee services rest on transparency and efficiency which means no hidden fees. Here is what our clients say: (Read Testimonials Here)

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Directed Trust Fees

A trust in which the grantor/settlor has written into the trust document who the specific financial advisor(s) shall be, whereby the financial advisor(s) retains 100% of the investment fiduciary risk and the corporate trustee retains 0% of the investment fiduciary risk.

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Delegated Trust Fees

90% of trusts in existence today (2023) follow this type. The corporate trustee delegates the investment authority (e.g buy/sells, custody decisions, re-balancing, investment policy statement, etc.) to an independent financial advisor. 

However, since the corporate trustee makes the decision to delegate the investment authority, the investment fiduciary risk is equally shared by the financial advisor and the corporate trustee.

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ILIT Trustee Fees

An irrevocable life insurance trust (also known as ILIT) allows for life insurance proceeds to be owned by a trust and to remove the life insurance proceeds from the grantor's estate, protecting the assets when the grantor passes away.

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Trust & Estate Settlement Fees

Trust and estate settlement fees can vary depending on the size and complexity of the situation.

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