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    May 15, 2022

    Turning America's Economic Lemons into Lemonade

    [Side note: Term paper submitted by Christopher Holtby for his Harvard 2022 Spring semester class.]

    Introduction to America's economic lemons and lemonade

    Unlike one's first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, America remains mute, unable to admit or even discuss that critical economic problems exist. America's 1% believes everyone wants to take or control their money. The other 99% see various gray and bleak financial futures. Gen Z and millennials do not want to start families because of cost concerns. Most Baby Boomers can afford a certain apathy to America's social and economic challenges because they are economically isolated from them. The most radical elements drive the definitions of Republican and Democratic political beliefs. America's happiness rank (16th out of 146) remains inconsistent against its economic, military, and technological prowess.[1] America spends more on health care with less healthy citizens than other high-income countries.[2] In 2021, the American Society of Civil Engineers report gave America's infrastructure a C-.[3] These are a few examples of America's current basket of economic lemons. And that is okay. America has been here before. Never the same, but America's historical basket of lemon moments somehow finds the path toward collaborative lemonade solutions. And like a successful Alcohol Anonymous member, America will jump "on the wagon" for a few decades, yet again, with a hopeful twist.

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    April 11, 2022

    $50 million - Goldilocks net worth amount?

    I have no dog in this hunt arguing whether $50 million is or is not the Goldilocks net worth amount for you.

    What is the Goldilock’s net worth amount in America?

    It’s partly the money. This essayFalse

    January 16, 2022

    2021 Winner Most Pioneering Trust Administration Company Award


    Making waves in the 700-year-old trustee industry since its founding, Wealth Advisors Trust Company (WATC) has proven that not abiding by the status quo can lead to a mountain of success. The NewFalse

    December 2, 2021

    Dallas-Fort Worth's Best Financial Planners (financial advisors) 2021

    Everybody wants to know whom to choose for their financial planning needs. Finding a financial advisor best suited for your needs can be tricky. As a trust company created for wealth advisors, weFalse

    March 20, 2021

    Advisor Friendly Trust Company 2021

    This post will cover the important of what an advisor friendly trust company in 2021 means for financial advisors and their clients. 

    This post will include:

    • Explanation of why trustee services areFalse
    February 26, 2021

    Types of Charitable Trusts

    UTC§ 405 (a) (2000) – “A charitable trust may be created for the relief of poverty, the advancement of education or religion, the promotion of health, governmental or municipal purposes, or otherFalse

    February 11, 2021

    Client Service - A Mindset Not a Cheap Tagline

    This blog will cover the history, evolution and simple approach about and on client service.  As an advisor friendly trust company, we view client service as an evolution through successes andFalse