Financial advisors and financial planners are often frustrated with various service providers due to a lack of collaboration. The group harmed most by a lack of collaboration are clients, which can lead to strained relationships. Almost 10 years ago a group of former colleagues from Ernst & Young were frustrated with the traditional corporate trustee service model.  Wealth Advisor Trust Company’s origins come from a collaborative solution by advisors for advisors.

Financial advisors and financial planners have a full list of To Do’s every day.  Even the task of helping clients pick a trustee does not make the top 20 list.  And, the nuances of evaluating corporate trustee services is typically beyond the scope of most advisory relationships.   

From time to time a client needs guidance and a solution for corporate trustee services.  Revolutionizing the financial advisor and client relationship when using a corporate trustee is our passion.  Whether you are a wealth management firm, fee-only financial planner and/or financial advisor our focus is on you. We make it easy for you and your client when needing to transfer a trust.

Out of our frustrations, we created a collaborative trust company for you.  Knocking down the traditional rigid trust company walls will give all of us the power to serve clients better and more collaboratively.