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April 11, 2022

$50 million - Goldilocks net worth amount?

I have no dog in this hunt arguing whether $50 million is or is not the Goldilocks net worth amount for you.

What is the Goldilock’s net worth amount in America?

It’s partly the money. This essay argues two issues: (1) why the optimal net worth amount equals $50 million, and (2) does a definition of an optimal net worth amount exist in America beyond monetary net worth (e.g., authentic admission of your fun, joy, and peace around net worth) including mental and physical health.

The definition of wealth historically makes people consider the dollar size of their net worth. To live requires money to pay for our needs and wants (more on that later). As a human race, we do not consider the costs to acquire that net worth until later in life. The same reason young men are eager to fight wars without considering the potential side effects [side question: why are the politicians who have never fought in a war so keen to start wars?].

Accumulating a Goldilocks net worth amount of $50 million provides the best of all worlds: (a) anonymity, (b) flexibility, (c) multi-generational wealth, and (d) freedom. The exact Goldilocks net worth amount could also be $200,000. It depends on the definition, as lawyers love to say.

January 16, 2022

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December 2, 2021

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