How Our Onboarding Team Eased the Process



In the beginning...  

The passing away of a spouse is life-changing.  Emotional  and  overwhelming  to  say  the  least.  The  financial  forefront is not even on the back burner, possibly not even on the stove.  A widow or widower may not have been included  in  financial decisions  but  immediately  placed  into  the role.  This  sets  the  stage  for what our Wealth Advisors Trust Company client faced.   

Trepidatious,  stepping  into  the  new  frontier  of  surviving  spouse  and  co  -trustee,  our  client  was  scared.  The  unknown of how to partner with a Corporate Trustee was frightening. Wealth Advisors Trust Company came to the rescue immediately.  

A  warm  face-to -face  introduction  to  our  onboarding  team,  followed  by  step-by-step  instructions  on what would be needed, began to ease the process. She was not alone, WATC would be there to guide the way. As the relationship began to be built, more players were introduced. Again, in virtual person to show the people behind the curtain and tear down any misconceived perceptions of scary trustees. 

When  the  onboarding  process  was  complete,  a  cordial  handoff  to  the  already-known administration  team eased  all  fears  and the transition  was  seamless.  Her Corporate Co-Trustee  was  not a  controlling entity but rather a cohesive group of service providers providing her guidance with a white-glove approach and a team dynamic.

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