How a Trust Officer Valued a Client's Needs



Receiving  a fee  invoice  is  not  generally  something  that  makes  someone feel  warm  and  fuzzy.  In  fact, when fee invoices range from cumbersome to vague, clients can feel confused and irritated. No one likes to  pay  fees,  but  when  trust  administration  is  custom-tailored  to the  client’s  needs  it  then can feel  less burdensome.

Wealth Advisors Trust Company has a standard fee invoice that is clear and easy to read. We take pride in being  there  for  our  clients  if questions or  concerns  are  voiced  on  our  trustee  fee  invoices.  For  example,  when  a  client  called  with  questions  regarding  their  fee  invoice,  the WATC  fee  team  was  able  to  answer their  questions  and  customize  the  fee  invoice  to  meet the client’s  preferences. WATC’s  white-glove approach  by  the  fee  team,  left  the  client  feeling  confident  in entrusting  their  business  to  WATC  and the services they were receiving.    

When  the  next  fee  invoice  was  received  by  the  client,  they  called  to  express  their  appreciation  for  how  valued  they  felt  in  the  process of  adjusting their  invoice  to  align  with  their  needs.  They  were  not  just another fee in their Corporate Trustee’s book, but rather a valued member of the personalized trust team. Throughout the course of the partnership with the client, the WATC fee team has checked in periodically to  ensure  the  fee  invoice  is  still suited  to  their  needs  and  working  for  them.  A  great  example  of  our exemplary service.

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