Simple explanation of a Delegated Trust and Delegated trustee fee schedule

A delegated trust means that the trustee, individual or corporate, makes the conscious decision to delegate tax, investment, custody, and/or discretionary distribution authority to an unrelated third person or firm. Since the trustee makes the decision to delegate this authority they still retain fiduciary risk and their trustee fees are higher because of this reason.


Delegated Trustee Fee Schedule*

First $2 million 0.60%
Next $3 million 0.53%
Next $2 million 0.47%
Next $3 million 0.40%
Next $5 million 0.33%
Over $15 million Negotiable
Minimum Annual Fee $7,500


*Assumes trust holds marketable securities only. Fees for extraordinary or non-standard services will be charged on a time and expense basis, payable by trust assets, for all personal and charitable trustee/trust services. 

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