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Christopher Holtby, Trust Educator & Co-Founder

Christopher is a lifelong learner & achiever.

Currently, he is a Co-Founder of a trust company created for wealth advisors and working towards his master's degree in history at Harvard University. His career started as a financial analyst with May Department Stores, leading to working at Ernst & Young in their family office group.

Working to solve business puzzles is Christopher's driving motivator. It influences his writings on LinkedIn, monthly newsletter, and the company's blogs. 

He lives in Dallas with his wife and three sons and enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, reading history, and watching and participating in sports with his sons.

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A Few Important Facts


  • 100% of advisors have at least one client needing a trust to solve asset protection, family harmony, kids spending money too fast, & multi-generational legacy issues
  • Our newsletter covers these issues and more with simple and actionable ideas.
  • We are wizard smart, kinda funny and witty, and hate industry lingo. Our 60-second or less newsletter will keep you in the know or leverage your knowledge base.
  • And this is the most important fact, when, not if you need a trust company created for wealth advisors, it’ll be like having a dentist on speed dial for those toothache moments. 

What Advisors Say About Our Newsletter