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    February 6, 2021

    Foreign Grantor Trusts Increase Reputational Risk for South Dakota trust law

    This blog post outlines how foreign grantor trusts could increase the potential business and reputation risk for South Dakota trust law and trust companies. Potential clients should understand why and if they are comfortable accepting that potential risk.

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    Chris Saddock, JD, LLM & Christopher Holtby, Chief Learning Officer

    Chris Saddock, JD, LLM, Saddock Family Office Services. Former international tax attorney specializing in corporations, partnerships, trusts, FATCA, CRS and Tax Reform. His extensive education, experience and history serving Ultra High Net Worth clients on domestic and international tax issues give Chris a panoramic view of all issues allowing for a coordinated approach to solving tax legal issues. Christopher Holtby, Chief Learning Officer, Wealth Advisors Trust Company, applies his business building, love of learning, operational, and wealth management expertise gained at Ernst & Young to be the Chief Learning Officer. Learning never stops.

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