Learn the facts – With the SmartIRA Fact Sheet.

More than half of Americans believe that their children and grandchildren will have a  lower standard of living compared to their parents. We see a much brighter future for the coming generations. We believe one of the greatest gifts you can leave your children and grandchildren are the same financial advantages that the “Pension Generation” has enjoyed. 

Wealth Advisors Trust Company has created the SmartIRA™; a revolutionary process which converts IRA’s and ROTH IRA’s into accounts that can replace the impact of pensions and even Social Security. It is tremendously sophisticated but surprisingly cost-effective and simple to implement.

SmartIRA™ is the first custodian neutral trusteed IRA ever available to advisors. While many families have used the SmartIRA™ to replace the impact pensions for their heir’s others have used it to prevent unintentional disinheritance, asset protection, distribution control and to avoid high attorney fees. The SmartIRA™  is the most powerful planning tool since the ROTH IRA.